About Me

I am A Chartered Certified Accountant who does a bit of gardening.
The Pictures of the flowering and non-flowering plants, fruits, vegetables, culinary & aromatic herbs
in this blog are of my garden.
Most of my garden collections are driven by the Fs: They either Flower, have a Fragrance, provide Flavor, bring Fruit, Food or are air Freshening.

My Culinary Herbs

There is nothing as refreshing as getting fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits from ones own garden albeit small. I have planted some vegetables, herbs and fruits that have proved handy over time. I have also found out that I could propagate some of these, particularly the Sukuma wiki (Collard greens) and the dhania (coriander/cilantro) without having to buy seeds or seedlings every so often. 

From my garden I have discovered some tips that have saved me some pennies, like buying young plants at a bargain and using an old bathtub as planter:) I also opted to have a fresh spice rack for lack of gardening space.

Some of the spices/culinary herbs I have are below. In addition to these herbs, I have flowers and other plants which you can see on My Blooms page as well. You can scroll down on the right hand of this page to see more flowers and fruits. Below are some of the articles on my gardening tips.

You can now place an order online of your favorite flowers for your garden and culinary herbs for your kitchen or as gifts for your friends and loved ones and have them delivered to you within Kampala. You can buy directly online or email your order to  mauaandmore@gmail.com

My Fresh Spice Rack: The rack has oregano, lemon verbena, thyme, Lemon balm, sage, 3 mint varieties, onion and garlic chives, rosemary. I have coriander, rosemary, Lemon Grass and a little ginger on the ground though:) 

Well the Nasturtium on the bottom shelf isn't a spice but it is edible as well hence good for garnishing...and the grape vine above the rack can provide fruit which you can eat or use to make wine.... 

TAG 50 - Spearmint
TAG 51 - Fennel

TAG 53 - Thyme
TAG 54 - Sage
TAG 57 - Rosemary

TAG 55 - Oregano
TAG 56 - Chives

TAG 58 - Lemon Grass

TAG 111:  i) Corsican Mint and ii) Rosemary
TAG 112: Assorted Herbs

Flower Pot Sizes
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