About Me

I am A Chartered Certified Accountant who does a bit of gardening.
The Pictures of the flowering and non-flowering plants, fruits, vegetables, culinary & aromatic herbs
in this blog are of my garden.
Most of my garden collections are driven by the Fs: They either Flower, have a Fragrance, provide Flavor, bring Fruit, Food or are air Freshening.

My Blooms

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope.--Lady Bird Johnson"

The flowers bloom on and off, some are seasonal, some are early to rise and early to shut eye, some are always there to smile at you in the morning and all day long, some blooms only last for a day, some take two years to bloom and when they do they stay for almost 2 weeks, some only bloom after the rains. I love catching them when they bloom and take photos so that I have the memories as I wait for the next bloom. 
TAG 115: Petunia in a pot

Our shop, Maua and More, is located in Kensington Shopping Boulevard, Kyanja, Kampala, Uganda

You can also place an order online of your favorite flowers for your garden and culinary herbs for your kitchen or as gifts for your friends and loved ones and have them delivered to you within Kampala. You can buy directly online or email your order to  mauaandmore@gmail.com

Welcome to my small garden.....

TAG 115: Hanging Petunia 

TAG 115: A lovely Maroon and white Dianthus

 TAG 114: Sweet Alyssum is a sweet scented flower. Easy to grow both for hanging pots and on the ground

TAG 110: Pink Rain Lily stands out in this section

TAG 109: Bringing together the colors of the rainbow

TAG 108: The yellow lantana and white Rosy Periwinkle stand out

TAG 107: Red Barberton daisy takes a bow?

TAG 106: Hybrid Verbenas in White, Pink and Purple

TAG 105: Hibiscus

TAG 104: Yellow Allamanda

TAG 103: Ground Orchid

TAG 102: Peace Lily
TAG 101: Yellow Chrysanthemum

TAG 100: Purple African Daisy

TAG 99: i)Yellow Gazania & ii)Yellow Lantana (left)

TAG 98: i)Blue Daze Evlolvulus & ii)Mexican Heather

TAG 97: i)Pink Impatients and ii)Trailing Asparagus Fern

TAG 96: Yellow & Red Portulaca Oleracea

TAG 95: Red Barberton Daisy

TAG 94: Orange Rose Flower

TAG 93: Cream yellow chrysanthemum

TAG 92: Red Amaryllis

TAG 91: Yellow Lantana

TAG 90: Orange Crossandra Infundibuliformis

TAG 89: i)White Hosta Plantaginea, ii)Snake Plant & iii)Spider Plant

TAG 88: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

TAG 87: Ground Orchid

TAG 86: i)Aster Frikartii flower and ii)Blue Daze Evlolvulus 

TAG 85: Pink Ice Plant

TAG 84: i)Angel Wings, ii)Southern Sword Fern & iii)Oil Cloth Flower

TAG 83: Asparagus Setaceus

TAG 82: Mexican Heather

TAG 81: Pink Rain Lily

TAG 80: Angel Wings

TAG 79: i)Purple & White Trailing Lantana and ii)a Palm

TAG 78: Oil Cloth Flower

TAG 77: Mexican Petunia

TAG 76: Orange Crossandra Infundibuliformis

TAG 75: Blue Daze Evolvulus 

TAG 74: i)Worm wood (in pot), ii)Red Hibiscus, iii)Yellow Hardy mum, iv)hanging corsican mint, v)grape vine
TAG 73: White Bearded Iris
TAG 72: i)Orange Crossandra Infundibuliformis, ii)Red & Yellow Lantana

TAG 71: Red Pelargonium

TAG 70: Purple Serena Angelonias
TAG 69: Blue Daze Evlolvulus
TAG 68: i)White Iris Flower bordered by ii) Pink Ice Plant

TAG 67: i) Maroon Dianthus & ii)Purple African Daisy

TAG 66

TAG 65

TAG 64

TAG 63

TAG 62

TAG 61

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