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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Why significance is better than success

Success is winning, Significance is helping others win. Success leaves a fingerprint while significance leaves a footprint on the hearts and minds of others. ~ D. Trinidad Hunt.

Listening to John Maxwell talking about living a life of significance, I couldn’t help drawing parallels as to how one can run a business of significance. John Maxwell talked of 5 Rules of Significance:
1) Value people
2) Add value to people
3) Look for ways to add value to people
4) Do things that add value to people
5) Encourage others to add value to people

I believe the above can be applied even in a business setting as well.
1) Does your business value people (how do you treat your customers, employees, suppliers, other stakeholders)?
2) Does your business add value to people (through your products and or services)?
3) Does your business look for ways to add value to people (beyond your product and service offering, do you consider giving back to community? do you have a triple bottom line)?
4) Does your business do things that add value to people (what is your value proposition)?
5) Does your business encourage others to add value to people (do you role model through ethical practices, mentor younger or newer businesses)?

How are you living a life of significance and running a business of significance?

To your Success!

Image credit: www.cffchurch.org