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Friday, 21 November 2014

The greatest secret to success

I was privileged to be part of his audience on the 9th October 2013 where he spoke in a business forum under the theme “business leadership in the 21st century’”. In celebrating Dr. Miles Munroe’s life, I share my bullet point notes

The key to wealth
  • Think beyond your JOB. There is no future in any JOB; the future is in the one who holds the JOB
  • Create your business in your JOB. Make yourself disciplined in your WORK
  • Never confuse your WORK to be your JOB
  • Your JOB is what you were trained to do; your WORK is what you were born to do
  • Your JOB is your career; your WORK is your life assignment
  • Your JOB is your skill; your WORK is your gift
  • You can retire from your JOB; you can never retire from your WORK
  • JOBs prepare you for your WORK
  • JOBs are temporary; WORK is permanent
  • You can be fired from your JOB; but you can never be fired from you WORK
  • You can retire from your JOB; but you can never retire from your WORK
  • Your WORK protects you from your JOB
  • Your WORK is your seed
  • It is God who gives you the ability to produce wealth. God does not give bread but seed

The power of thought
  • You are always in control of your; mentality, thoughts, mind and perception
  • Leaders don’t wait, they initiate. Whoever initiates controls.
  • Leaders make things happen
The power of perception
  • Whatever you call or label a thing, that is what it becomes to you. Whatever a thing is to you controls your response to it
  • Controlled perception is not denial of reality but the control of one’s response to reality
  • It is not what happens to you that matters, it’s what you do about it
What is business
Business is exchange of:-
  • Product for value
  • Service for value
  • Ideas for value
  • Talent for value
  • Knowledge for value
  • Program for value
  • Solutions for value
Business is simply solving problems for value.
Your Value
  • If you want to be successful, do not seek success, seek to become a person of value and you will never be broke.
  • Value is making yourself significant by refining your gift
  • You do exploits by pursuing knowledge
  • Become a consultant in your area
  • You are a walking business
  • You get what you negotiate
Your gift
  • Your gift is personal but never private
  • Whatever vision God gives you, you can do
  • Your deployment creates employment
Foundations of wealth
  • Agriculture (Fruit & Food)
  • Water
  • Gold
  • Resin (Oil, Fuel)
  • Onyx (Precious stones)
The primary assignment
  • Dominion over resources
  • Management of the earth’s resources
  • Extension of the culture of Heaven & Earth
  • Divine strategy
The greatest secret
  • Every human being came to earth with a treasure of greatness to deliver to their generation
  • You were born with treasure of greatness that your generation needs
  • You were born with treasure. Do not die with your treasure
  • The greatest secret to success is discovery of your personal treasure
Random Quotes
  • Principles are more important than techniques, facts and methods
  • Leave your legacy in people
  • True leaders mentor their replacement
  • People is business
  • Our greatest resources are our intellect
  • GNP measures the economic success of a country
  • Crisis is the cradle of creativity
  • Crisis and pressure are the incubators of innovation
  • Problems create business
  • Unemployment is lazy thinking
  • Entrepreneurs are people who discover problems they can solve

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