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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

7 lessons from a job hunter

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, with a major in Accounting, I was excited to go out into the job market having no clue how long or short it would take me to get my first job. I was fortunate to get my 1st job within the 1st month of my graduation. After one year of work, I felt I was not learning anymore and needed more challenge. The quest for challenge seems to be the only constant and this therefore leads to job searching again once in a while. I would like to share my experience and lessons learned through my 1st job and subsequent job changes, if only to tip a fresh graduate or encourage a job seeker.
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Lesson 1: Let whoever is willing to listen know that you are looking for a job
As I put in my application for jobs in various organizations, I thought I would sharpen my computer skills as I awaited feedback. I embarked on a computer course about a week after my graduation. One day as I was on my way to the college where I was taking the course from, I met a lady who happened to be a sister of an old friend. After the usual niceties, I let her know that I had just graduated and was looking for a job in accounting. She informed that she knew a company whose Accountant had left and so they must be looking for a replacement.

After my class that day, I went to the said company to enquire. The receptionist informed me that indeed there was a vacancy and they were already receiving applications. I went and wrote a cover letter and submitted it together with my CV the following day. I was later called for an interview and I was offered my 1st job! This was barely a month after my graduation.

Lesson 2: Every person is a possible lead for a job
You will be amazed how many people out there know someone who is looking for a candidate with your very qualification, or graduate trainee opportunities. I remember telling our then family Doctor that I had graduated and he advised me of a company that was looking for an Accountant. I put in my CV but I didn’t get the job because the vacancy had already been filled. The Administrator informed me that they will put my CV in their database. Before you despise this lead, read on….

Lesson 3: Be good to those you encounter along the way
A year later I met the administrator (whom I had handed my CV after the Doctor’s lead) and she informed me that they were recruiting an additional Accountant. She asked if I was still interested in working at the firm. This happened to be about a time when I felt I needed a more challenging position than I was getting at my 1st Job. So I put in an application again, was invited to an interview and I got my 2nd job! So, when submitting your application, be courteous to the receptionists, the gate keeper or whoever you encounter on your way to and fro delivering your application. They may be your informer. I forgot – now applications are done online! Be courteous to ‘to-whom-it-may-concern’ that receives your email.

Lesson 4: If you see your dream job in the local dailies go ahead and apply
Yes, you may be wondering what is unique about getting a job by responding to a newspaper ad. Well, in my part of the world a number of people are skeptical about the job vacancies posted in the local dailies for various reasons that I would rather not indulge in this article. I am glad to let you know that I got both my 3rd and 4th Jobs by responding to newspaper adverts and going through rigorous interview processes.

Lesson 5: Keep your profiles as up to date as you possible
This for me was the oddest! I got a call from a recruiting firm informing me of a job offer that I was not even aware of but was in line with my competencies. I was curious to know how they found me out to consider me for the offer. She informed that she saw my profile on LinkedIn, though she still never told me the criteria she used to seek me out for the shortlist. The short of the story is that I got an offer via my profile in LinkedIn. It wasn’t that easy though – I had to go through 3 interviews, a technical test an aptitude test to get my 5th Job. I have got various offers and consultancy opportunities from LinkedIn and other platforms that keep CV databases. So keep your profile as up to date as you possibly can in whichever database you choose.

Lesson 6: Have faith and hope for the best
I believe above all else that my faith in God influenced all these events, individuals, platforms so that even the most unlikely source became the source of a job for me. God opens inconceivable doors!

Lesson +1: Consider your transferable skills
I included this additional lesson after my article on the LinkedIn series #IfIWere22, Consider your transferable skills

What has been your job seeking experience?

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